February 27, 2024

Height gauge is a measuring device used either for determining the height of something, or for repetitious marking of items. Height Gauge is a precision measuring tools that are used in metalworking or metrology to either set or measure vertical distances. Usually the pointer is installed with a sharpened anvil to allow it to act as a scriber and assist in marking out work pieces in tool-room or quality control line.

The height gauge has a measuring head (whether vernier, fine rack and pinion with dial, or linear encoder with digital display). It is much more capable than calipers but not as complex as acoordinate measuring machine (CMM). Vernier height gauges, however, greatly rely on users’ skill. The first electronic height gauge emerged during the mid-1980s.These measuring tools are used in metalworking or metrology toeither set or measure vertical distances.

On laboratorium model, the height gauge is even equipped with a precision Ruby anvil, there is also a data output port where by the data can besent to a computer or a printer via a special cable. The digital height gauge is made from high quality, hardened stainless steel. It comprises a solid cast iron base which is robust to ensure rigidity and stability of the instrument; and extending from the base up is the beam which includes a printed scale inboth imperial and metric format. High specification electronic height gauges can carryout different measuring tasks including step heights, internal/external diameters and centre-linedistances.

The electronic height gauge is extremely precise up to 0.001in. and claims consistency of±0.0001in. Usually, imperial digital scales range from 0 to 12 inches whilethe metric scale ranges from 0 mm to 300 mm. They can even measure up to 80 inches or 2000mm. An electronic measuring slider is mounted on the beam. The height gauge with an indicator attachment is used forchecking of surface holes.

Height gauges may also be used to measure the height of an object by using the underside of the scriber as the datum. The datum may be permanently fixed or the height gauge may have provision to adjust the scale, this is done by sliding the scale vertically along the body of the height gauge by turning a fine feed screw at the top of the gauge; then with the scriber set to the same level as the base, the scale can be matched to it. This adjustment allows different scribers or probes to be used, as well as adjusting for any errors in a damaged or resharpened probe.

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